Primal Shape Talent – Barbara Dossi


Animation Supervisor at Primal Shape


Main projects she worked on as talent

Despicable Me 3  – Illumination Mac Guff
The Secret life of Pets – Illumination Mac Guff
Sammy’s Adventures  2 – Nwave Digital
The house of magic – Nwave Digital
Nuveau Babar – Luxanimation

Barbara’s demoreel as talent


Barbara started her career in 2004 at Lumiq Studios (in Turin) after finishing her Animation and Art studies at CSC (Institute for experimental Cinematography). Her first project was “Donkey Xote”, an animated Feature Film Co-Produced by Italy and Spain. After few years spent in Italy on various productions between Rome and Milan, she moved to Luxembourg to work at Luxanimation on “Nuveau Babar” Tv series. She then moved to Bruxelles to join Nwave Digital on feature projects like “Sammy’s Adventures 2” and “ The House of Magic”.  After 4 years spent in Belgium she decided to move to Paris to join ILLUMINATION Mac Guff and worked on “The Secret Life of Pets” and “ Despicable me 3”. At this point she felt it was time for a new adventure and in 2018 Barbara set up her own animation studio in Naples, Italy, with her two Partners and former colleagues Andrea Giro and Roberto Zincone.

Why do you love animation?

I can give characters a soul by making them act and behave in their own specific way – I love to make their feelings visible! Feelings can be expressed in so many different ways and the process of making them genuine and coherent with the character is the part I enjoy the most.

What was your favorite character you animated and why?

That’s a hard one to answer. I generally love to animate acting shots where you have to show the characters’ thought process. An example would be Gru in Despicable Me. He acts like a bad person but he is a very lovely guy – this duality makes it challenging to show both sides at the same time. I learned a lot when animating this kind of characters with complex personalities.

What was the most difficult part in your life as an animator?

There’s one thing which is great but at the same time very challenging – traveling! You have to move to other countries, or other continents,  often during the same year, working for different companies – your idea of “home” changes quite radically. Overall I enjoyed it and I got to meet lots of super talented people and made lots of new friends.

What are you plans with the future ?

I really enjoyed my time and career as Animator so now I feel motivated in investing time in Primal Shape – I like to approach my passion for animation from an entrepreneurial point of view. 

Do you have some tips for animation starters?

You need to be patient – In the long run it will make the difference! Animation is a complex process and it takes a lot of time and practice to master it. You will grow by small steps and each new project will teach you something different. I started animating when I was 29 years old and I’m still learning everyday!

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