About us

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Primal Shape, an award winning production company and animation studio based in Italy, was established in early 2018 by artists with over a decade of industry experience. We’ve collaborated with top studios such as Axis Studios, NEXTERS, MPC, Digic Pictures, nWave Digital, Puppetworks, Outfit7, Minimo VFX, Lunar Animation, FRAME BY FRAME, EDI, ALPS VFX, and many others. 

As production house, Primal Shape produced contents in partnership with Italy’s leading TV Channel, RAI.

At Primal Shape, we embody our founder’s deep love for animation, infusing every project with passion. Our expertise spans various production areas, reflected in our diverse portfolio, including feature films, TV series, commercials, games, and VR experiences. Beyond creating exceptional animation, we cultivate a nurturing environment where talent flourishes. We prioritize the joy of our work, believing that creativity and spontaneity breed magic. Close collaboration with our in-house artists is important for us, supported by offices in Turin and Naples that can accommodate up to 40 to 50 professionals. Additionally, our team includes skilled freelancers worldwide, ensuring everyone feels valued within our extended family.

Tax credit

As a production company and thanks to the competitive Italian 40% Tax Credit scheme we’re a perfect co-production partner for long-form projects. For inquiries write to business@primalshapestudio.com

Andrea Giro is co-founder and award winning director at Primal Shape. For a strange combination of events, after a Ph.D in biology he became an animator and had a long experience in the international film industry. He had the chance to work on important productions all over the world. Among other projects he worked as main character animator for top grossing movies like “Despicable me 3”, “The secret life of Pets”, “Spongebob out of water”. He had the chance to work for some of the most important companies in the film industry of the world, like Illumination Mac Guff, MPC, Axis Studios, Puppetworks Animation, DIGIC Pictures among others.

Andrea Giro

CEO | Director

Barbara Dossi is co-founder and animation director at Primal Shape. With twenty years of experience as an animator on various productions worldwide, she had the opportunity to work on important projects as main character animator, including top-grossing movies such as “Despicable Me 3” and “The Secret Life of Pets.” Additionally, she worked for some of the most renowned companies in the global film industry, including Illumination Mac Guff, MPC, Axis Studios, Puppetworks Animation, DIGIC Pictures, among others.

Barbara Dossi

Managing Partner | Animation Director

What we do

We study deeply the task, whether it is a full production or a single service and we do a plan

We craft the best team to achieve the required result in the given time/budget

We work on our own secure pipeline or we integrate seamlessly in our partners way or working

We supervise and lead our team

We have a continuous communication with the partners to obtain the best result in the smoothest way 

We have fun