About us

Primal Shape is an Italian creative studio specialized in premium animation services for Cinematics, Feature films, TV Series, Games and Commercials.

Since we joined forces in 2018 we supported top-notch studios such as Axis Animation, Digic Pictures and MPC London on high quality full-keyframe and mocap-based character and creature animations.

We are ready to support your production  with our top talents and premium quality – and this is where we’re very good at.

Our goal is to become your trusted partner and help you produce more content, on time and on budget, thus avoiding ramp-up times during strict production schedules.

We are ready to create unforgettable animation projects with you.


Barbara Dossi

Co-founder | Managing Partner

Andrea Giro

Co-founder | Managing Partner

What we do


Animation Direction


Previs & Layout


Animation Production


Mocap Clean-Up & Enhancement

We’re proud of helping our clients bring their projects to life by delivering high-end layouts, previs, character and creature animations and we’re constantly striving for both artistic and technical excellence.


Our skilled international team of animators, in-house experienced supervisors and animation directors, will allow faster feedback and higher quality outputs on your projects.


We can either expand or shrink according to your budget and deadline. The same flexibility applies to the technical side: we can mimic our international clients’ pipeline to grant a seamless workflow.


And we know how important it is to securely store your data: we’re equipped with the best technology to provide a high-standard of both physical and digital security. Our cloud and off-site backup/archive solutions allow us to grant a quick disaster recovery and business continuity.

Tax Credit



What is it
Italy offers a competitive 40% Tax Credit scheme to boost foreign productions investments in our country. The scheme applies to local Service Providers spending the foreign budget on eligible production costs.

How it works
The projects - which must be 100% produced abroad - has to be registered and evaluated on the Italian Ministerial platform where it needs to score at least 50 points out of 100 for Production and Content criterias. The foreign production company can then hire an Italian service provider - like Primal Shape - that will act as the Executive Producer and will spend the dedicated budget on eligible costs to benefit the 40% Tax Credit Scheme.

Eligible costs
The tax credit is applicable only to eligible production costs spent in Italy (production staff, pipeline, software, hardware and other appliances, taxes on employees salaries,etc). The budget spent by the Italian service provider can’t be more than 75% of the total production costs and the obtained Tax Credit cannot exceed 20 Million Euros. The service provider can add up to 7,5% of Production Fee on the top of the actual production cost - the fee is not an eligible cost.


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